Parc88 was founded in 2014 with the sole purpose of bringing profitable investment opportunities to the general public. We are comprised of industry experts, from realtors to economic advisors to the contractors who build the homes. We engage with individuals whose lifework is to understand the northern California real estate markets. Our purchases are handled by top realtors from top real estate agencies available anywhere. Our projects are executed by the top general contractors who are consistently rated at the top of their field for timely completion and quality of workmanship. We utilize the best materials, and we introduce the latest technologies to future-proof the homes we deliver. And when we say "We deliver destinations...", we truly stand behind our mandate: To deliver a home that truly represents a destination to its owner and one that continually brings joy and exciting to the people who simply cannot wait to "come home" each day.

How do we do this? We deliver this level of thrill, workmanship, and vision through the network of investors who fund our projects.

Our investors come from many walks of life; from first time homebuyers still searching for the perfect home who would like to grow their initial savings, to well-groomed investors and large capital funds looking for higher returns. In fact, half of our investors have little to no prior experience in real estate investing. They come to us knowing that their investments are secure and will earn them much higher returns than most traditional investment methods.

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