Although the flipping craze which swept the northern California region may seem to be over for some, it is only so for the investors who are not able to source properties and/or for those wanting to flip homes without the needed capital to do so in a market that has inflated over 30% or more during the past 4 years. Not only are these investors fighting each other over fewer properties and driving purchase prices up, they are also accepting tighter profits with the same high risks as before. All of this adds up to a greater potential for lower returns and higher risks at non-completion. At parc88, we understand not only real estate markets and economies, but more importantly, we understand our market and economy here in northern California better than anyone. With proprietary sources in the real estate industry such as top listing realtors and real estate attorneys, as well as related industries, we are still able to see multiple opportunities on a weekly basis to purchase and turn viable profits for our investors.

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